Mechatronic PLM

Products no longer consist of mechanical features alone. Today, the portion of development devoted to the electronics and software in modern products far exceeds that devoted to mechanical design engineering. This fact has given rise to the vocation of the mechatronics engineer, whose task is to co-ordinate the different requirements of the various disciplines and ensure that they are on the on the same page. For this purpose, interfaces must be created between the areas and processes defined that make it possible to determine the effects of changes in one discipline on another discipline and implement corresponding changes correctly, or (for example) to ensure that in manufacturing, the correct version of a software program makes its way to the configuration of a machine currently being produced. Without state-of-the-art data management, it is hard to get a handle on such complex workflows and interrelationships.


We support you in defining the processes and data models for optimising the interaction of the disciplines.