The implementation of a functionally safe system is summarised here for the sake of simplicity by the Specification and Implementation phases.

The results from the concept phase serve as the basis for the specification. The specification defines in detail how the system is to be implemented. Since the development process is essentially iterative, in some cases when problems arise it is necessary to jump back to the concept phase. All changes are documented. The configuration management freezes the associated versions of the various objects.

In addition to the specification, the test specification is also created simultaneously. Proof that the defined functionality has been correctly implemented is supplied based on this test specification.

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Once the specification has been approved according to the defined approval process, the implementation can begin. Software, circuit diagrams, bills of materials, etc. are managed as data records in Aras and linked with the specification data records. Thus even during the implementation there is continuous traceability of which functions were implemented where and how.


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