In this phase, the system design is comprehensively defined and its functional safety is checked. The proposal is optimised in iteration loops until it satisfies the required safety requirements. This step is extraordinarily important, since errors in the system design that are not discovered until the validation phase involve large change loops and thus a considerable amount of time and money.

Ideally, the gathering and structuring of all requirements is begun in this phase. The requirements can come from various sources. Risk analyses and FMEAs are carried out to identify weak points and solve them conceptually.

Advanced Platform

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Functional structures are derived from the requirements structures. Safety-related functions are identified.

A technical concept for implementing the functions is drafted. The reliability of the functions is checked. The technical concept is refined in iteration cycles until the required reliability has been achieved. In the case of changes, the change process that was defined in the "Management of functional safety" phase must be strictly followed.

Implementing safety-related control functions through subsystems in hardware in accordance with IEC 62061 for determining reliability

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Functional Struture

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Here as well, we support you with methods and tools. Aras Innovator offers a lot of functionality here for managing requirements, functional structures, FMEAs, and much more, including configuration management.