Functionally safe

Are you a manufacturer of machines and plants in which software and electronics are used for control systems? Then you are obligated to design these to be functionally safe, so that they cannot result in any harm to people and the environment.

Management of functional safety

People and the environment have to be protected from harm. Therefore, manufacturers of machines and plants where the software and electronics are used for control have an obligation to make them functionally safe from the ground up. Identifying risks, properly minimising them and complying with applicable standards are all critical. IEC 61508, the basic standard for functional safety, and the standards derived from it impose stringent requirements on the management of functional safety.


We have relevant experience in validating the control technology of safety-oriented machines in nuclear power plants. We are happy to support you in the following topics:

  • Planning and introducing a management system for managing the safety-related data and for process control during the development of safety-oriented control technology
  • Carrying out risk analyses and establishing a safety concept
  • Carrying out FMEA analyses in accordance with IEC 60812 for selecting the right components and avoiding weak points
  • Calculating reliability in accordance with IEC 62061, determining the SIL
  • Creating functional structures of your control software for better traceability and testability of software
  • Creating a compliance matrix for the standards to be complied with, such as RCC-E, IEC 61513, IEC 62138, IEC 60987 Creating the required documentation for software validation

  Download/print graphic

The illustration roughly divides the safety life cycle in accordance with IEC 61508 into 4 areas, which have to be run through during the development of safety-oriented control systems.